Heading Out for Your First Spring Picnic? Know What to Bring!

Spring is in the air and that means it is time for the first picnic of the year! Whether you’re planning a romantic afternoon or fun family outing, make sure you know what to bring with you.

Some basic, but commonly forgotten supplies are below but be sure to add to your list as needed:

  • sunscreen – check the date
  • insect repellant – especially with food around
  • a pocketknife – so many uses for such a small tool
  • extra water – take some for lunch but also for the hike to and from the picnic area
  • a first aid kit – who knows what you’ll encounter

Menasha Ridge Press' latest addition to the Five-Star Trails series.Many hiking trails have one or more designated place for a picnic which usually includes tables and a shelter. Be sure you don’t leave your trash for the next person to find. Keeping the picnic areas clean is as important as keeping the rest of the trail clean.

Looking for the best places to go for a picnic in your city? Check out the Menasha Ridge Press Five-Star Trail guides. Focusing on cities across the U.S., each guide has a “Best For…” list that includes best hikes for scenery, wildflowers, wildlife, and children.

Tanya Twerdowsky
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