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New Guide Features 40 Must-Hike Trails in Greater Chattanooga

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CHATTANOOGA, TN — Consistently rated as among the best places to live for outdoor enthusiasts, Chattanooga is located within easy reach of a wide array of paddling, camping, and especially hiking destinations. Now, for the first time, a complete guide dedicated exclusively to Chattanooga’s best hiking trails has been published in print.

Menasha Ridge Press, leading outdoor adventure and travel publisher since 1982, added to its catalogue this month Five-Star Trails: Chattanooga, by the southeast’s most prolific outdoor writer Johnny Molloy. Molloy brings to his newest hiking guide his typically vivid hike descriptions, insight into local history, flora, and fauna, and concise, accurate directions for 40 of the region’s best trails.

Chattanooga couldn’t be better situated for a variety of terrain and trails. All this adds up to a hiker’s nirvana.

“Geographically speaking, Chattanooga couldn’t be better situated for a variety of terrain and trails,” says Molloy. “Urban and suburban hikes for scenery-hungry residents and visitors, with national, state, and local parks just a short drive away. All this adds up to a hiker’s nirvana.”

Molloy’s book — the first hiking guide in print devoted exclusively to Chattanooga-area hikes — includes routes for all ages, skill levels, and abilities to travel, reflecting the rich diversity of the Chattanooga landscape, nestled among the Tennessee River Valley, Cumberland Plateau, and Appalachian Mountain range.

The guide is a one-stop-shop, offering hikers the chance to enjoy terrain as untamed as Cherokee National Forest, as awe-inspiring as the deep gorge at Chickamauga Creek, as scenic as Fort DeSoto, and as historically rich as Red Clay State Park.

“With such a vast selection of hikes to choose from, user-friendliness was crucial in designing this book,” says Tim Jackson, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Menasha Ridge Press. “That’s why the Five-Star series was the best option for Chattanooga.”

To that end, readers will find detailed directions to trailheads along with GPS-based trail maps and elevation profiles for each trail, along with ratings for each route’s scenery, difficulty, trail condition, solitude, and accessibility for children.

Five-Star Trails: Chattanooga is now available in stores and online.

Five-Star Trails: Chattanooga by Johnny Molloy

About Johnny Molloy

Johnny Molloy is a writer and adventurer, based in East Tennessee, who has lived in the shadow of the mountains for more than three decades. His outdoor passion started on a backpacking trip in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and that first foray unleashed a love of the outdoors that has led to his spending countless nights backpacking, canoe camping, and tent camping for the past 30 years. He has written more than 50 books, including hiking guidebooks, camping guidebooks, paddling guidebooks, comprehensive guidebooks about specific areas, and true outdoor adventure books. Molloy has also written numerous articles for magazines, websites, and newspapers. He continues writing and traveling extensively throughout the United States, endeavoring in a variety of outdoor pursuits. His non-outdoor interests include American history and University of Tennessee sports.

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