We Are Wildness 30 Day Challenge

Will you spend 30 minutes in Nature, for 30 days straight?

We are Wildness (WAW), a hub site for information about wild living, nature, alternative lifestyles, natural diet and wellness, animals and sustainability, has extended this challenge to the world: to spend the month of October devoting at least half an hour to outdoor engagement each day, for 30 days.

The “Rewild Your Life” Challenge was created to encourage participants to reconnect with the natural world and their wild selves.

It’s free to participate, and the rules are pretty simple:

  • Between Oct. 1 and Oct. 30, spend at least 30 minutes per day in a natural space. Parks, forests, wild spaces, gardens, your own backyard. It all counts. (For city folks who might have trouble getting to one of these spaces regularly, try your best to find a place that feels comfortable and attractive to you. Even a walk through the neighborhood can be good for you.)
  • Turn off all electronic devices. With the exception of a digital camera… to capture the beauty of your surroundings.
  • Practice “Leave No Trace” principles.
  • Play it safe. Please do your best to keep your personal safety in mind as well as the safety of others. Don’t enter areas that there is a high risk of natural predators, dangerous terrain, adverse weather conditions, etc.
  • Share! Once you register, you’ll be invited to the exclusive “Rewild Your Life” Facebook group, where you can share your photos and experiences with other participants.

rewild your life

Go ahead and give it a shot!

About We Are Wildness

WAW is a place for people to celebrate their wild selves and connect with like-minded people. We strive to bring you information about wild living, nature, alternative lifestyles, natural diet and wellness, animals and sustainability and the list is growing. We love celebrating the wildness in life and hope you do too.


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(Cover image courtesy We Are Wildness)


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