National Trails Day 60 Day Challenge!

Are you ready for a challenge? Leading up to National Trails Day, American Hiking Society and Menasha Ridge Press are offering a series of hiking challenges* to prepare you for your ultimate adventure on National Trails Day. So check out this week’s challenges, get outside and conquer one of these amazing hikes.

To find an eligible trail location near you, see the list of hiking trails to choose from here!

  RULES:  To enter take a photo of yourself next to the trail head or on the trail, upload the picture to facebook or twitter to @AmericanHiking (facebook / twitter) or @MenashaRidge (facebook / twitter) with #NationalTrailsDay.

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PRIZES:  Each week, a winner will be randomly selected to receive a National Trails Day T-shirt, an American Hiking Society tote bag and a Menasha Ridge 60 Hikes within 60 Miles guidebook in a city of their choice.

Learn more about National Trails Day here!

*These trail descriptions are meant only as guides to hikes in select cities throughout the U.S., and do not guarantee hiker safety. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these trail descriptions, land and road conditions, phone numbers and websites, and other information and conditions can change from year to year. Neither Menasha Ridge Press, American Hiking Society, nor the author(s) of any of the trail descriptions is liable in any way for property loss or damage, personal injury, or death that result from accessing or hiking the trails described in these selections. To help ensure an uneventful hike, carefully read the descriptions provided and get further safety information and guidance from other sources. Familiarize yourself with current weather reports, maps of the area you intend to visit (in addition to the maps provided), and any relevant park regulations.

Photo: National Trails Day Logo/American Hiking Society

Infographic instructions via American Hiking Society

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