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Find Your Way in 2016

We’ve all been there before: sitting on our couches or at our desks, or standing in a checkout line flipping wistfully through inspirational photos on our phones. Then we go home, halfheartedly work out just to get it over with, and go to sleep to do it all again the next day.

But what if you decided to make a shift this year? A shift in the way you approach activity. A shift in the quality of your experiences. A shift in the way you look at the outdoors. A shift in your way of life.

We’re encouraging you to Find Your Way in 2016. Whether it’s by walking, hiking, paddling, or anything else you choose, we want you to get outdoors more often. And, over the next few months, we’re going to show you that it’s easier than you think.

From tips on how to discover nature close to home to recommending hikes throughout the country, we’ll be with you every step of the way, sharing advice and activity suggestions. By the time summer comes around, you’ll want to go on that camping trip you’ve always dreamed of but never thought you would take.

Shifting to an outdoor lifestyle is not about heavy-handed exercise routines or epic weeks-long trips to remote locations. It’s about finding the cracks in your day when you can get out and explore. You can go out during lunch or after work. You can take the kids, if you like. Exploring doesn’t mean driving for hours to get to a trailhead; rather, it’s about finding walks and hikes in your own backyard and neighborhood. As Shel Silverstein taught us, go “to the place where the sidewalk ends.”

Stop double-tapping on other people’s lives and start seeking out your own adventures. Share your experiences with us using #FindYourWay on Facebook and Twitter. Every month we’ll be giving away books. Go on, the outdoors are calling.

Tanya Twerdowsky
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