2018 resolutions

2018 Resolutions from Menasha Ridge Press

Hello, 2018! Everybody has been waiting for you, us included. We counted down every.single.second until you arrived. And we’re so excited to turn the page and start a new year with a blank slate.

We have big plans for you. We have big expectations for ourselves, too. Huge. Gigantic. Yeah, nobody sticks to resolutions. We know. That’s why we came up with dozens of resolutions, because surely at least some of them will stick!

  1. Catch more sunrises
  2. Catch more summit sunrises
  3. Hit fewer snooze buttons
  4. Share tips on how to hit fewer snooze buttons
  5. Publish many more great guidebooks
  6. Brag more about our great guidebooks
  7. Learn to ski (Outdoor Retailer On Snow Demo, here we come!)
  8. Climb more mountains
  9. Make our voices heard
  10. Protect our public lands
  11. Make more friends
  12. Rely on maps more than GPS units
  13. Spend more nights camping
  14. …Cowboy camping. Don’t be afraid of being eaten by animals.
  15. Feed your wanderlust through more photos
  16. Enable your wanderlust with more trip suggestions
  17. Travel to more places without cell phone service
  18. Pack more creative snacks (sorry, trail mix.)
  19. Drink more summit beers
  20. Perfect packing a bear canister. The first time.
  21. Encourage more people to get outdoors
  22. Hike in more costumes
  23. Work more closely with advocacy groups
  24. Learn to use trekking poles without tripping
  25. Crosstrain more for easier ascents
  26. Discover more awesome authors
  27. Celebrate our current authors
  28. Figure out where Menasha Ridge is
  29. Do a thru hike
  30. Don’t check the phone while with friends
  31. Forgive yourself for checking the phone while with friends
  32. Post more dog hiking photos
  33. Meet a hiking cat
  34. Keep a hiking journal
  35. Hike in a new country
  36. Pick up more trash on the trails
  37. Teach others more Leave No Trace principles
  38. Take more post-hike naps
  39. Take more post-hike showers
  40. Keep sharing the outdoor lifestyle love!

What resolutions did we miss? What are some of your resolutions?

Tanya Twerdowsky

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