SIA, On-Snow Demo, Outdoor Retailer, Copper Mountain, Sno-Go

Rambling Thoughts from a Novice Skier

I had the opportunity to go to the SIA On-Snow Demo at Copper Mountain after Outdoor Retailer. Spending time at one of Colorado’s coolest ski resorts with some of the snow industry’s coolest brands after a week inside Colorado Convention Center? Sign me up!

SIA, On-Snow Demo, Outdoor Retailer, Copper Mountain, Sno-Go

The only catch is that Menasha Ridge Press is based in Alabama, where the ski slopes are…non-existent. Except for one. So I’m not exactly that good at skiing. But there’s no better place to learn than at Copper, right?

After standing at the base of the very, very, very tall mountain, skiing on actual skis seemed too intimidating. I prefer my bones intact, thank you very much. So I went with something that seemed safer, more familiar. A bike. On skis. Specifically, a Sno-Go bike. It seemed simple and fun, and the rep reassured me that if I can ride a bike, I can easily learn to shred on a Sno-Go.

SIA, On-Snow Demo, Outdoor Retailer, Copper Mountain, Sno-Go

Here’s my stream of consciousness that followed.

This is so exciting. So exciting! I get to ride a ski bike down a mountain!

Wait. Now I need to ride that chairlift. With a heavy bike. Without dropping it or falling off.

Oh ok, Sno-Go Bikes are designed to make riding a chairlift super easy. Whew.

This chairlift is moving fast! Where’s the bar? Or seatbelt? Why is it rocking? Is this how I’ll die?

Ok, this ride is peaceful and beautiful. Terrifying, but beautiful.

We made it (alive) to the top of the mountain! All the mountains. All the breathtaking views.

Oh, wait. Now we have to go down this steep, steep, mountain.

This Sno-Go seems really easy to ride. And I’m clearly the coolest person on the mountain with my ski bike.

Guide with your legs. Lean forward. Don’t steer with the handlebars. Got it. I think.

Promptly falls Don’t got it!

Stopping is important. Must learn to stop.

This is so much fun!

This is so terrifying!

Wide turns slow you down. Must make wider turns.

That fall will leave a bruise.

And that fall.

This Sno-Go person is so patient with me. Props to him!

Look at me successfully fly down this mountain!

Stopnowstopnowstopnow! Crash

Must keep front ski down. Must lean forward. Must not steer with handlebars.

I’m doing it! I’m doing it! I’m doing it!


Being attached to the bike is genius.

Thank goodness for helmets.

I’m flying!

This is the coolest thing ever!

I see the bottom! I did it! I (somewhat) successfully rode a ski bike, on snow, down a mountain.

SIA, On-Snow Demo, Outdoor Retailer, Copper Mountain, Sno-Go

HUGE thank you to the team at Sno-Go to teaching me and riding down the mountain and stopping a million times to make sure I was comfortable and not hurting myself (or anyone else). That was the most fun I’ve had in a long, long, long time.

Tanya Twerdowsky
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  • Haha this looks fun! I hail from central NC where there’s not much in terms of ski slopes either, so I’ve never actually gone skiing but your internal monologue going down the slope on the ski bike is pretty much what I’d expect to be my internal monologue if I ever try skiing!

    February 6, 2018 at 1:56 pm

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