Father's Day

How to Make Father’s Day More Earth-Friendly

Today is the day for dads. Every year, your family celebrates with Dad in the same way. He’s happy, you’re happy, everyone is happy.

But listen. We know old habits die hard. Family traditions are sacred. However, times have changed and new rules have been set and in under no circumstances can you celebrate Father’s Day in these ways anymore.

Constructing rock towers—Dad taught you how to build skyscrapers with blocks as a child. Now, the two of you venture outside and spend hours balancing rocks ever-so-perfectly in feats against gravity. Except you can’t do that. Cairns serve an important purpose—to guide hikers in the right direction when the trail is not marked well. Building your own cairns for funsies serve no purpose and can mislead hikers. Plus, they’re not Leave No Trace-friendly and harm delicate ecosystems. So keep your construction skills to tree houses and pillow forts.

Camping literally on the lake—Dad loves to fall asleep under the stars to the sound of waves lapping against the shore. So every year you hunt for the most perfect (and picturesque) piece of land as close to the water as possible. Well not this year, Pops! Lake creatures don’t care if it’s Father’s Day. You need to camp at least 200 feet away from water sources so you don’t pollute them.

Drinking out of plastic bottles or using plastic straws—Dad knows the importance of staying hydrated while outdoors. He loves to keep a 24-pack of water in the back of his trunk, and always stops on the way home for a large iced tea. Except that we know how bad water bottles are for landfills and straws are unnecessary pieces of plastic. Buy Dad a nice Hydroflask that will keep his coffee hot, his water cold, and his planet happy.

Happy Father’s Day!

Tanya Twerdowsky
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