Why You Should Love Independent Bookstores

Independent Bookstore Day is April 27th this year. Which is quite possibly our second favorite semi-holiday, after National Trails Day.

We adore indie bookstores, and here’s why you should too.

They’re a local business

If there’s one thing we love to support, it’s local businesses. Especially local bookstores, unsurprisingly. Shopping local helps support your community, it keeps your money local, it helps support local jobs,

If they serve food, it’ll be local too

Who doesn’t appreciate a bookstore with a cafe attached that serves coffee, tea, sandwiches, and baked goods? And if it’s an independent bookstore, you know the food all comes from local cooks, using local ingredients. Heaven!

They’re very community-oriented

One of our favorite things about independent bookstores is their community vibe. The employees are always willing to have good discussions with you about books, the signage is hyper-local, and the stores support community groups.

They’re more likely to have great author events

Have you heard of Powell’s Books in Portland? Or The Strand in New York City? Have you ever drooled over their events calendar? It’s amazing! Every author, whether they are bestseller famous or a local celebrity, would rather do a book presentation and signing at an intimate, indie bookstore.

…and therefore, more signed copies of books

Because where there are author events, there are extra signed copies of books. And wouldn’t you rather read a book that’s been signed by the author. Obviously!

They can be quirky

No offense to corporate bookstores, but they all look…identical. Boring, even. Books look like books, yes, but there’s nothing else that really sparks creativity inside. Indie bookstores, on the other hand, are wonderfully unique. Wild Rumpus Bookstore in Minneapolis has an array of animals living there, Busboys and Poets in Washington, D.C. is part restaurant, and Last Bookstore in Los Angeles has actual tunnels inside.

They give you warm fuzzy feelings

You walk into an independent bookstore and it’s like walking into a dream. The smell of the fresh ink mixed with the scent of freshly baked cookies. The hushed sound of people whispering and pages turning. The heartwarming sight of rows upon rows of books, just waiting to be brought home and read.

We love independent bookstores!

Tanya Twerdowsky
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