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Why Flagg Mountain is the New Springer Mountain

Everyone who knows anything about the Appalachian Trail has heard of Springer Mountain in Georgia—the southern terminus of the A.T. Mile 0 for all #NOBO hikers, and the emotional end for all #SOBO hikers. But if you're scratching your head wondering what or where Flagg...

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If You Love Hiking, You’ll LOVE Chattanooga

New Guide Features 40 Must-Hike Trails in Greater Chattanooga (Cover image: Brian Stansberry) CHATTANOOGA, TN -- Consistently rated as among the best places to live for outdoor enthusiasts, Chattanooga is located within easy reach of a wide array of paddling, camping, and especially hiking destinations. Now, for the first...

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New MRP and CP Catalog in the wild

The other day we posted the Wilderness Press catalog online and today we're unleashing the Menasha Ridge Press and Clerisy Press joint-catalog into the wild as well. So check it out and pass it along. Once you get chance to 'flip' through the pages though, drop us...

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Menasha Ridge Press Welcomes New Senior AQ Editor

After nearly 10 years as Senior Editor for COASTAL LIVING Magazine, covering the shores of North America, Susan Haynes has expanded her geography to embrace the river, forest, and mountain terrain of Menasha Ridge Press. As Senior Acquisitions Editor, Susan is hot on the trail...

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Alabama Book Festival 2008

txt_albookfest.jpgThis past weekend we loaded up the VW and headed to Montgomery to participate in this year’s Alabama Book Festival. The weather was perfect as was our location.

All of which were made that much better by getting to spend time speaking with readers and users of our books. With our long list of fun authors, gorgeous travel photos of beautiful subject matter, it is always a blast putting our books together, but there is nothing like sitting outside, on a sunny southern Saturday, sharing tales of the trail and outdoor adventures.

Our best selling titles this Festival were our popular 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Birmingham and A Canoe and Kayaking: Georgia.Lots of people would come by, already owning one of our guide books looking to see what else we had available for their state. That gives you a warm feeling, on par with the sun that day, to know that people have used your books and enjoyed themselves enough to search you out to see what else there is to do!It was a great day and we’re excited for the future of the Alabama Book Festival! We have a few photos after the jump…