National Paddling Film Festival

National Paddling Film Festival

It is going to be wet and wild in Frankfurt, Kentucky  this weekend  as some of the coolest kayakers and canoe paddlers plunge into town for the annual National Paddling Film Festival. The weekend is loaded with events, demos, games and a huge party. All fun events that add up to a weekend worth traveling for. But none of which that can overshadow the main event: a screening of the wildest and craziest paddling videos by amateurs and pros alike. The 30-year-old Paddling Film Festival attracts people from all over the world as they come to swap stories, images and celebrate life on the river.

Reading through the “History” page you can see that Menasha Ridge Publisher Bob Sehlinger had a hand in getting the event rolling decades ago. How cool is it that this event is still going strong decades later.

Tickets are $25 and kids under 12 get in free. So stop by and check it out. The doors open at 5pm on Friday and don’t shut until the early hours of Sunday morning.

And if you’re looking for somewhere to paddle in your area, check out the list of kayaking and canoeing guides published by Menasha Ridge Press. And take your camera when your go out! Maybe you’ll be one of the folks up on stage sharing your river adventure at the 2014 Paddling Festival.

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