Five-Star Trails: The Ozarks, Menasha Ridge Press, Jim Warnock

A Rainy Hike on the Redding Loop in Arkansas

Hiker-dog and I needed a nice long dayhike. The expected rain began about one hour into our hike. The temperature hovered around 44-degrees. Just perfect! Dogwoods provided accents across the forest understory. I paused to take a photo of a single bloom, causing Hiker-dog to return...

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Why Visit the Ozark Mountains? All the Fall Colors!

Why the Ozarks? How about a painter’s palette full of color? The Ozarks display reds, yellows, and a multitude of variations. Color begins with black gum trees changing to brilliant reds in early October and continues to spread through maple, sweet gum and oak. Even poison ivy can...

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