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Menasha Ridge Press Hits the 40-year Mark

Today, Menasha Ridge Press is celebrating 40 years of independent book publishing! Starting a small indie business is tough in any climate and in any industry. Travel book publishing is no different. Menasha Ridge Press was founded in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1982, and we’re still here!...

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#Optoutside 2019

There is much to be thankful for the season. And very little of it has to do with walking around inside, elbowing through the crowds and shopping. That’s why once again we’re locking arms with folks across the outdoor industry and shutter our online shopping cart...

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#findyourway, Big Firescald Loop

Find Your Way in 2016

We've all been there before: sitting on our couches or at our desks, or standing in a checkout line flipping wistfully through inspirational photos on our phones. Then we go home, halfheartedly work out just to get it over with, and go to sleep to do it...

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Book Sale

Unless you've been living under a fallen tree the past few weeks, you've probably noticed REI's #optoutside campaign to get people to spend time outdoors instead of battling crowded parking lots and long checkout lines this Friday. As a guidebook publishing company that gets people to get outside...

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Big News in the Outdoor World

At Trekalong, we work hard to keep you in the know about big news in the outdoor industry. So we're excited to announce that the biggest news this week is about us! Keen Communications is doubling the amount of books we publish with the acquisition of another outdoor publishing company...

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New MRP and CP Catalog in the wild

The other day we posted the Wilderness Press catalog online and today we're unleashing the Menasha Ridge Press and Clerisy Press joint-catalog into the wild as well. So check it out and pass it along. Once you get chance to 'flip' through the pages though, drop us...

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