New Year, Stronger You

With the holidays over and a few months of cold, inclement weather ahead, the days of hiking in the sunshine among wildflowers seem far away. But these dreary months are important—you can use them to shake the cobwebs off your gear and get your joints...

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2018 resolutions

2018 Resolutions from Menasha Ridge Press

Hello, 2018! Everybody has been waiting for you, us included. We counted down every.single.second until you arrived. And we're so excited to turn the page and start a new year with a blank slate. We have big plans for you. We have big expectations for ourselves,...

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#findyourway, Big Firescald Loop

Find Your Way in 2016

We've all been there before: sitting on our couches or at our desks, or standing in a checkout line flipping wistfully through inspirational photos on our phones. Then we go home, halfheartedly work out just to get it over with, and go to sleep to do it...

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