Happy 80th Birthday to the Appalachian Trail!

It’s been a little over a year since I finished working on Best of the Appalachian Trail: Mid-Atlantic. With this year commemorating the Trail’s 80th year in existence, I’ve spent a little time this past week looking through the photographs I took while working on...

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Best Hikes of the Appalachian Trail: Mid-Atlantic, Matt Willen, outdoors photography,

Enhance Your Photographs With Time Exposures

I was recently visiting the Berkshires in western Massachusetts when a cold spell drifted in from the north. A flake of snow fell, the ground froze, and the conditions were ripe for some exploration of the surrounding country. During a walk, I came upon a...

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A Little More Appalachian Trail, Anyone?

During the past couple of years, I have grown quite fond of traveling to Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). It isn’t the easiest place in the world to get to. You either have to drive to and then ferry from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, or fly...

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Weetamoo Woods, Rhode Island hiking, Matt Willen

A Hike at Weetamoo Woods in Rhode Island

I was in Rhode Island a couple of weeks ago to pick up a boat of mine that was being repaired, and I thought I would take a hike as long as I was up there. A friend recommended that I check out Weetamoo Woods,...

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How to Hike in the Winter

[caption id="attachment_4146" align="alignleft" width="300"] ORAt the top of a steep section of the AT near Canopus Lake, NY, January 2016[/caption] Winter is officially here! Just because the weather is getting colder and the precipitation is coming in the form of freezing rain and snow doesn't mean...

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Best Tent Camping: New Jersey, Matt Willen, Worthington State Forest, New Jersey camping

Best Camping in Northern New Jersey

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DWGNRA) has always been a bit of an enigma to me. In spite of its size (it spans over 70,000 acres in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania along the Delaware River), its extensive natural scenery, and its vast...

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Best Tent Camping: New Jersey, Matt Willen, High Point State Park

Camping in New Jersey’s High Point State Park

This fall, I began working on my next guidebook project, the second edition of Best Tent Camping: New Jersey. The first edition of the book was written by Marie Javins, who no longer lives in the Northeast. Given my close proximity to New Jersey, Menasha Ridge...

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