How to Win Prizes During PlayCleanGo Week

We are smack in the middle of celebrating PlayCleanGo Awareness Week (June 1–8)! Last month, we shared some ways to take action during this week. Now we want you to take photos of the work you're doing to help stop the spread of invasive...

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The Best Ways to Celebrate PlayCleanGo Week

The first-ever PlayCleanGo Awareness Week will take place June 1–8, 2019! This means that if you still aren't sure about what PlayCleanGo is all about (though you should—we've been posting since November!), you will have an entire week to immerse yourself in PlayCleanGo principles, become an...

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PlayCleanGo, invasive species

A Love-Hate Relationship with Invasive Species

If you’re like me, you have a love-hate relationship with February. I love the excuse to give and eat lots of chocolate, but it can get to be a bit much. I love planning my summer trips, but hate having to wait for better weather...

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What are Invasive Species, PlayCleanGo

What in the World are Invasive Species

What’s ‘bugging’ you? Or what’s invading your space? Seems like a simple question when asked on a personal level. But if someone were to ask about how “invasive species” bug us or our surroundings many of us draw a blank. So let’s talk “Invasive Species...

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