10 Reasons To Go On An Alternative Spring Break

Unless you've been living under a conch shell, you know that outdoor advocacy and protecting our public lands has been slightly more top-of-mind than usual. All politics aside, we all want our lands to stay pristine for future generations to enjoy. And since there's no magical trail fairy...

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How We Celebrate National Trails Day

We are sitting even more impatiently this Friday because tomorrow, June 3rd, is National Trails Day. After months of anticipation and preparation and promoting the Gear Up Get Out campaign in May, it’s finally here! The day dedicated to spending time outdoors and sharing our passion...

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Give the Gift of The Outdoors

It's December 22nd—three days before Hanukkah and Christmas. You still haven't finished shopping for gifts for your loved ones. Maybe you're a procrastinator (I know I am). Maybe you've been in bed with the flu. Or maybe you just don't know what to buy. Luckily, we're...

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National Trails Day 60 Day Challenge!

Are you ready for a challenge? Leading up to National Trails Day, American Hiking Society and Menasha Ridge Press are offering a series of hiking challenges* to prepare you for your ultimate adventure on National Trails Day. So check out this week’s challenges, get outside and conquer...

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First Day Hikes Starts Year On Right Foot

For the third straight year, hiking groups across the country will come together on January 1 to ring in the new year right with one of the simplest, most invigorating activities there is: hiking. First Day Hikes -- for the first time this year, an official...

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6 Easy National Park Hikes Anyone Can Enjoy!

Our National Parks present us with the richest exposure to the most elements of nature of all our natural reserves. That's part of what makes them so important and well-loved. The extra-ruggedness of their wild terrain can also yield, however, a sense of intimidation for...

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